Baby Safe Haven

Rainee Favela – 6th Grade Class Report

Baby Safe Haven is the core for all children. The core, for the start of their lives. It starts off their journey and provides them with loving and guiding families. All they needed was a push, and they’re off.

Baby Safe Haven is a special program that has allowed and helped young unprepared parents to give up their baby with no questions asked, since 2001. Recently this program is being recognized again because of 3 mothers that had killed their infants. If they had known about this program there would be no excuse for this act knowing that this program is allowed in every state in America! It was unfair that these young children barely got to see life, let alone the sun. The third mother has not told anyone why she had a motive to kill seven of her newborns, yet considering one claimed to be a “stillbirth”, but Heather Burner; president of Arizona’s Safe Haven Program, believes that the two teen mothers were scared and stuck.

One of the two mothers secretly gave birth to an infant in the bathroom and threw the baby away in the trash! Soon after the baby was discovered he was worked on immediately on the bathroom floor. Heather Burner happened to be one of the nurses that tried to help revive the precious infant, but attempts had failed. My Aunt then vowed to participate in saving young children by not only getting the word out about Safe Haven but participating in the program as president. Today she is doing a fantastic job with her duties and is helping young kids set up their future.

The designated locations to drop off their baby would be Fire Stations, Hospitals that include little drop boxes to place their baby safely, involved churches, or EMT’s. This also includes on duty firemen. Yet in order to drop off their baby with no questions asked they must be born at the most seventy two hours. Yet no matter which of these places they do decide to drop their child off, they are guaranteed to be safe. Even if their baby is a little older than 72 hours they will still be accepted. Every baby is a special piece to their scrapbook.

Today the goal of saving hundreds of babies is achieved, and the world is starting to become a better place.


Special thanks to Mrs.Daniel for letting me do this topic and my Aunt, Mrs.president, to provide me with some information.