Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation takes a three step approach when helping a mother/father in crisis. Whether we are connected through our 24/7 crisis hotline we offer, or through a third party, this is the general approach taken with each call.

1) Our first approach is parenting. Is this an option? Why or why not? How could we help with this option if possible?
2) The next approach is adoption. Would adoption be suitable for their case? We have several adoption agencies we could refer to for adoption counseling and questions they may have.
3) Finally, safe haven relinquishment. Where is the closest and most appropriate safe haven location to them? Would they need assistance?

Our hotline is always up and running, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or are in need of help. 1-866-707-2229

You can help support our hotline through a one time, or recurring donation to our organization. Click the PayPal donate button below for more details.