Safe Baby Haven Information

Are you afraid, alone, and have no one to turn to?
Do you feel unable to parent your newborn?
There is help, there are options and our crisis team is here to support you.

You have options. Arizona has the Safe Haven Law that identifies places where mothers can safely and anonymously give up their babies without fear of prosecution. We have a Safe Haven crisis response team available to assist you with questions, options and resources, 24/7. Call 1-866-707-2229 .

If your baby is unharmed, is under 72 hours old and you don’t intend to reclaim your baby, you have options! Simply bring your baby to the Safe Haven locations:

  • Any Hospital
  • Any Ambulance
  • Any Designated Adoption Agency
  • On-duty Fire Stations
  • Any Designated Church
    • New: Open Door Fellowship Church is now a Safe Haven provider.

You must hand your baby to a person at above locations or may place baby in Safe Haven drawer at designated hospitals. Tell them this is a safe haven baby and you may leave. Your baby will be cared for and a good home will be found for the baby.

The following locations have Safe Baby Haven Drop Off Drawers:

-Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
-Banner Cardon Children’s Medical Center
-Banner Estrella Medical Center
-HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center (Formerly John C. Lincoln-Deer Valley)
-HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center
Maricopa Medical Center 

Safe Baby Haven laws have enabled some hospital locations to install anonymous drop off drawers for newborn babies to be left in safety.

The Safe Haven Law protects babies and mothers, providing a future for both.

The Law

Passed in 2001, Arizona’s Safe Haven Law states that a person will not face criminal charges for leaving an unharmed newborn baby with a Safe Haven provider, including hospitals, fire stations, on-duty firefighters or emergency medical technicians, and designated private welfare agencies, adoption agencies and churches. A copy of the law is available by clicking here.


According to the Maricopa Medical Examiner, during 2000-2006, the morgue received 767 deceased babies, under 9 months old. Of these babies, at least 23 were known to have been born alive & abandoned.

While the statistics of the numbers of babies abandoned and left to die by new mothers are not complete, newborn abandonment has been a continuing problem in our society. The Safe Haven Law was adopted to give new mothers an option that can save their baby’s life and give them a solid future.

The Coalition

The Arizona Safe Baby Haven Coalition was formed by a volunteer team of health care workers, social workers, and other concerned citizens. The team’s mission: to increase awareness about Arizona’s Safe Haven Law, in hopes of saving these precious lives.

The Foundation

In 2010, the Coalition was re-organized as the Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation. We are now recognized as an Arizona non-profit corporation and have been awarded IRS 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status as a public charity. We continue to grow with the original mission of preventing abandoned baby deaths.

If you need help, call our hotline anytime. For general inquiries please Contact Us:

Help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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