The Safe Baby Haven Law

Passed in 2001, Arizona’s Safe Baby Haven Law states that a person will not face criminal charges for physically handing over an unharmed newborn baby within the first 72 hours after birth with a Safe Haven provider.
Safe Haven Provider means any of the following:

  • Fire Station’s (On-Duty)
  • EMT (On-Duty)
  • Any Hospital
  • Private Child Welfare Agency (Must have signs posted)
  • Adoption Agency (Must have signs posted)
  • Church (Must have signs posted)

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Published on Apr 9, 2014

The new Safe Baby Haven stickers and magnets on Glendale Fire Department vehicles in honor of National Safe Baby Haven Day. The Glendale Fire Department was the first fire department in the state to place Safe Baby Haven signs up at all fire stations and will now be the first fire department to place Safe Baby Haven stickers and magnets on fire department vehicles.

Arizona passed the Safe Haven law that identifies places where mothers can safely and anonymously surrender their babies without fear of prosecution. If the baby is unharmed, is under 72 hours old, and the mother does not intend to reclaim the baby, they can take the baby to a safe haven location like a fire station or staffed fire truck with no legal consequences.

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An Inspired Poem From A Safe Baby Haven Volunteer

I read about a newborn baby found cold and shivering in a dumpster with little hope of life…


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